Dream Machine 2011 Video: Building the Dream



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Eagle One

I like the Case the most.  Thats a case that its elegant and looks matured to me.   I could show it in my living room and will make a great statement.

About whats inside,  I am sure there are lots of guys who would have loved to see you guys going "whole Hog" on this thing and throwing expensive parts at it as if you were given half of our Defense Budget for it.  Lets face it todays fastest machine will be tomorrows forgotten one.  How else can the manufacturers make money selling parts? 

I respect the fact that everyones dream is different and I thank you for working that case together.  I have been looking to build my own with elegant parts that can be displayed and make a nice statement.  As for Power?  well I dont think we are technologically there yet.  The manufacturing companies are milking us for all we got.  This machine is something nice to look at in and out and I am sure it will hold its own on the benchmarks too. Kudos there.  

As for performance? if I was bent on that I would probably be buying a supercomputer if I could afford it. Hide it in the basement and keep the rest of my place looking nice and elegant.

This one to me is a nice compromise with the available budget and parts.  I like it as is and would not change anything on it.  Well maybe some little thing here and there... hahaha just kidding you.

you guys give me great ideas.

Thank you again



Eagle One

If you check the this guys winning machine for the Month of May.  He's case looks identical to this Prototype that is not out yet.

He won in May.  What do you guys think?  I found it at the guru3d  website, go under rig of the month and look for the month of May, 2011.

I tried to post a link but it triggered an spam alert here and it wont let me post it.  sorry guys you will have to navigate on your own there.





it similar, but not identical because he used a cooler master cosmos pure case, which was one of the first versions of the case maximum pc used. the prototype they have is going to be the latest version of the cooler master "cosmos" line, that's why they look somewhat similar.



Corsair water cooling? Really? About as subpar as it gets, go back 5 or 6 years and look at your builds and what you said about them. What has happened to this magazine? Is it just times have changed and a MAXIMUMPC mag isn't needed any longer? I thought after the crap last year you would have pulled out the stops on this one. Ive got almost every issue all the way back to "boot" and ive watched the slide in several area's and each time there's some great reason why we don't get the same content as years past but I thought I'd wait on this years DM before I moved on even though ive been able to read everything worth a poop in one sitdown and flush. Very sad.



Eagle One

I get free information on this website.  Why should I complaint that someone goes through all this trouble to educate for free?  If you dont like it,  Man up and move on.  Don't like the magazine? well dont buy it.  You talk about crap here and there. I would hate to come close to your living quarters.  Be nice.  Dont you have an education?  Act like it.



I don't mind that the computer is within my reach, in fact I really enjoy this years build. I mean building a new Deep Blue would also be a nice dream, but not a dream that would be usefull to me.



Thank you so much!!!!


Brock Kane

Hopefully it will work in the first try?

What confidence! Hehehe!


Can't wait to see it in action! Will the Cosmos 2 have an optional "Windowed" access panel?



Have faith, it,s Gordon after all.


Badly Browned

I so want that case



As beautiful as the dream machine is, I couldn't stop staring at Gordan's shirt... Is that a jungle or tumble weed themed shirt?



Ok I hate you because now I'm staring at that shirt trying to figure it out too....I'm leaning towards jungle.  Also I'm afraid he's going to hit himself with that screw driver the way he's waving it around, or hit the case.



i cannot wait till the next video.and how about some benches:D

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