DRAM Shortage Starting to Affect PC Vendors



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 I just looked t a few sticks of Ram that I was planning on purchasing; the price went up by 4% at newegg.

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I was actually going to buy RAM until I seen the prices. To upgrade my rig to have over 8GB of RAM is over the $200 even at Newegg! I ended up buying a monitor instead. 


I might just wait until I start my new build with dual quad core Xeons to get RAM. I won't buy any until they come back down off the prices. 


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Sebie Kay

Ok, thats it.  I'm crying foul!  This whole 'DRAM' shortage has been going on for quite some time.  Plenty of time for the manufactures to increase production.   

My guess is this is an artificial shortage.  The manufactures don't want to adapt to the market demand because they know they can fetch a premium for their chips.  I remember I could get a 4-gig kit of DDR2 for $45 a couple of years ago.  Now its $90-$100?  Thats insane.

Yes, I know they have to make DDR2 and DDR3, but come on people... this 'shortage' has been going on long enough. Next thing you know, RAM will be the priciest part in your new computer build instead of a CPU or GPU. 

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Market Manipulation, I agree



News like this makes me glad I put 8gigs in when I built my pc 2 years ago.

No sooner did everyone else hit 4gigs and even started adopting 64 bit OSes, we have another RAM problem.

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