DRAM Production Cuts Continue, Time to Stock Up on Memory?



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They should stop selling 133mhz (DDR3-1066) and 166mhz (DDR3-1333) memory outside of developing economies.

How long did it take for the actual memory cells themselves to go from 33mhz to 133mhz?



What's wrong with 1333?



It's 166mhz memory in "disguise." It has been a decade since PC133 came out, and yet mainstream memory typically bundled by OEMs (read: laptops) today are clocked 25% higher... maybe. 133mhz memory is put into a number of laptops as well. CPUs have become exponentially more powerful in that timeframe; but all the innovation on the memory side is in hiding the actual speed of the memory behind a multiplexed "interconnect." I have nothing against ddr, I just wish there has been as much progress made in cell switching speed and latency as there has been in the "interconnect."

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