DRAM Pricing Not Expected to Rebound Until Economy Picks Up



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Keith E. Whisman

I wish gas prices had this problem.... I know that gas prices are falling but annalysts say that they will just go under $3 a gallon. No $2 dollar or lower gas. 

The memory on the other hand has dropped in price so much that if it were gas we would be paying .99cents a gallon.

But ram is always good and I'll take it. I want 6gigs DDR3 super fast with low latencies and 1.65v or less requirements and where in gods name is Nehalem.

Nehalem I was fantasyzing about installing you in my Cosmos tower on black Friday the day after Thanksgiving. Are you even going to be here by Thanksgiving? 



Here in Canada it's finally dropped below a buck for a litre of gas.  We figure that for every one dollar per barrel, it adds about one cent to our gas price.  Then again, gas stations tend to swindle a lot of people out of well earn $$.  Sorry, off track.  Anyway, under a buck for the first time in 16 MONTHS.  Wahoo!!



sounds great. i was planning on building a new rig at the beginning of the year.....now i might end up with a really nice rig.

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