DRAM Makers Mull Production Cuts to Inflate Prices



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Seems like I was just recently reading a letter I received notifying me I could participate in a class action suit against memory manufacturers who artificially inflated prices some years ago. I suspect we'll be seeing such letters again in the future for the suit someone will start over what it seems DRAM makers are about to do.......again.

Is Big Oil backing DRAM manufacturers? They seem to have similar business models.


Mastro Antonio

Thanks guys for playing with supply and demand like that, really helps in this economy. Luckily I got my Corsair Dominators for cheap and I'm set so far. I reckon if this happens throughout the industry I'll just keep having to recycle parts when I upgrade until they are rendered obsolete.


Joe The Plummer

"DRAM farmers are mulling cutting their crops to stop the downward spiral in prices." Um, isn't this collusion? Isn't this against the law? Certainly this would violate Antitrust laws. I don't see how they can get away with that.



Well the DRAM makers are not Corsair, Mushkin etc. They are talking about the people that make the actual ram chips not the entire ddr3 stick (I think) and most of those companies are owned and operated by companies outside of the US so our laws mean nothing. But yeah it's anti-trust and I doubt the gov't would do anything about it anyway.

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