DRAM Makers Fear Another Crisis if Demand Stays Weak



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Back when we saw record low levels, I'm talking 2GB kits of DDR2 for under $10, it was because prior to Vista coming out almost everyone was running under 2gbs of ram. The DRAM manuf over produced modules figuring everyone would jump on-board with Vista and upgrade so they figured they'd see a mass influx in demand. Well that flopped and they couldn't sell the ram fast enough. Now DDR3 is taking a hit because not only does the economy sucks but everyone that had upgraded over the past couple years has a computer that is faster than they ever needed and they have begun to realize they don't need the latest greatest PC out there. (talking everyday consumers not us geeks)

Add to all that that a few years ago you had a few companies selling ram at a few differnt speeds. You might see a new faster speed or something with better timings coming out every couple months. Now you see a ton of companies all throwing out as many products as quickly as they can. They've over staturated the market so much so that the avg consumer can't tell heads from tales when they shop. Looking at newegg you have over 200 choices of 4gb DDR3 kits alone add an aditional 200kits for everything over 4gbs and you see what I mean.



No sympathy, about as sad if I were to hear that OPEC was in trouble.

Does this mean DDR2 prices will come back down to reasonable levels?


Peanut Fox

DDR2 prices will likely remain high as it's being phased out.



It is as simple as that. DDR2 Kits use to be around $40, and DDR3 Triple Channel Kits was under $100. Lower the prices and I will buy a couple. It is really their own fault. You can't rais prices by !50% and expect people to buy them.



+1 for the above

Ive been on the market for a triple kit for a yr now. Ive watched triple kits go from $100 to $170. They are now getting back down to $120 ranges for the less then ideal timings but its something. There have also been some nice deals out with MIRs bringing the cost down making it tempting. I am just waiting for "that kit" to appear at the right price. Im sure I am not the only one ont he fence just waiting for a price.

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