DRAM Makers to Cut Production Until Prices Rebound



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You people are clueless. 

If you own a business, and are selling your products at a loss, what else would you do? 

Stop making as much, let the free market correct itself, let the demand climb, and start being profitable again. 

What you also fail to realize is price fixing is when *everyone* who sells something gets together and says, "lets sell this same thing at price X". This story is about 1 DRAM maker scaling back production, there are well over 10 makers around the world, and there is nothing stopping 1 or more DRAM markers to step up production, of fill the market void that these makers are creating by scaling back production. 

They are not doing anything illegal, they are simply trying to run their business in a profitable way, that's kind of the definition of a for profit business. 

Think about the story while back about AMD getting into making DRAM, if "Nanya Technology" makes 10% less DRAM, I am sure AMD would love to pick up some extra business. 

Prices may go back up, it happens, nothing in this world (especially business) is a flat linear line, just because prices go up doesn’t mean someone did something illegal, it just means prices are going up. There are lots of legit reasons..... 



AMD is a fabless DRAM company. It doesn't make any DRAM itself. Instead it sources it from DRAM manufacturers like Nanya. So AMD can't have any influence on the price of DRAM.






They still have influence.

It's like saying because Home Depot, doesn’t own any woods, logging company’s nor mills that makes the 2X4's, they can't influence the construction market.






I'm so angry right now, I don't know what to say.  Two words: Price Fixing




There is no price fixing going on (according to this story at least), price go up and down all the time, get over it.



This worries me since I'm not upgrading my pc till next February (tax return). So, I'm thinking I should go ahead and buy some now and hold on to it until then. I'll be doing a motherboard/cpu/memory upgrade. I'm not sure if I'll go AMD or Intel yet. It will most likely be a mid level gaming PC. Any particular spec'd memory I can/should look at? Or is there something new on the horizon?



A month ago I bought 8 gigs of Corsair ram @just over $80.00 and now I can get the same 8 gigs for $54.00.



When you buy the chips at the upcoming artificially inflated prices, remember to save your dated receipts. You'll need them in about 10 years for the next Class Action Suit against memory vendors for price fixing (again).

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