Dragon Age: Origins and Sims 3 Suffer Stiff Delays



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...this amounts to EA saying "the games aren't done yet and we haven't had time to drum up enough publicity.  We're going to shove Sims back to a release window where its target demographic is likely to be nowhere near the computer and we're going to push Dragon Age to a release window in with the rest of the usual winter glut, so that way if sales of both of them are weak we can claim that PC gaming just isn't working."

 I swear, sometimes the decisions made by corporations make no sense...



I'm actually relieved. I can't afford to buy Sims3 right now.



I guess I don't quite understand this...how does EA's Q3 last from Oct. 1st to Dec 31st? Where does the Q4 fall in the year?



EA's fiscal year is different from the calender year. Most companies end their fiscal year sometime after the holidays to post strong sales numbers from the holiday season. Apparently EA's fiscal year starts April 1st and ends March 31st.



Game companies are weird. Q4 will probably occur during what we know as 2010.

Still though, it must be weird when EA employee #145 is attempting to celebrate Halloween while his family just wants to open Christmas presents. 

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