Downloading Porn Less Dangerous than Downloading Illegal Music



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So, How much do you think the RIAA paid McAfee to say this?



I have cleaned out at least half a dozen PCs in the past 4 months, and every single one of them was due to someone trying to download what they thought were MP3s to their computer. People are generally pretty dumb. Even after you tell them not to do something they will just go back and do it anyways. My advice is to just charge these idiots $100 per cleaning and don't even bother to tell them not to use Limewire. Free money for you!



I run a PC repair business, the number one cause of my customer's viruses is Limewire.  Say you download a song called Empire State of Mind, the file extention would be masked to empirestateofmind.mp3 but once you double click the file to listen to it.  the malware is launched and infects your computer.  This is my favorite type of infection as no matter how many times i tell my customers DO NOT USE LimeWire, they do it anyway.  I get alot of repeat customers.  as for my Warrenty repairs, they donot cover Software nor Virus related repairs.

It isn't evil, it is just business.





When has downloading porn ever been dangerous? Unless of course you have a weak heart, pregnant etc..

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