Doomed Online Campaign Urges Microsoft to Release Windows 7 Now



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I suspect MS is going to release Win7 in late August rather than some time in the fall as they're currently claiming. Hopefully, they'll keep churning out updated beta builds until then.



Win 7 seems like a good idea, but why not "fix" Vista?  I don't know, I'm not an exec at MSFT.  If Win 7 is any good I'll buy it, but until then I'll continue to dual boot Vista and Ubuntu.  Win for games, Linux for work and media playing.



ok so basically....these people want another unfinished product to be released(vista)........does that even make any sense?



are people really that stupid?



Yes, people really are that stupid. They tend not to look much past their own desktop  and whatever their personal immediate needs are. You will not hear anyone who administrers hundreds of computers begging for an early release of a new OS, regardless of manufacturer.


Windows 7 is not ready, it is on par with Vista SP1 and has a few more fixes included. This does not a mature operating system yet; let the developers work on it and release the finished product when it is ready.



do you REALLLY want us to answer that?



i paid money for vista. it is an higher sophisticated os. it needs to work with the latest computer technology.

i found out that when i was trying it on my not that old but incompatible motherboard, the intel dg35ec.

after that, i bought a new mobo, the msi platinum motherboard. my windows vista hp 64bit copy is now working, i can update the os over the internet without a single fail error. it is working perfectly.



wait until they finish it.




when your toolbar for your webrowser shows up in the city over City of Heroes like a Rikti Mothership running Win 7




it might not be ready



wottamoron It is not ready. IE8 still has compatibility problems and the drivers are practically non-existant.  One of vistas main problem were bad drivers by hardware manufacturers.  Even though the OS itself is very stable half of the games will not work reliablly on it including games for windows titles.  Applications that would run on vista now will not run at all.  Even microsofts zune has driver issues.



The real point of this is just to let Microsoft know that people want it as soon as it's ready and that it should be priority number 1, not that they should literally release it today. 



About time they released the Vista SP3.


I Jedi

It is not ready. Therefore, it is not ready for release. You still have a lot of incompatability issues and probably a whole host of major shit to still work out at MS before they can call it in. I doubt Steve Balmer wants his prized possesion to receieve negative feedback, too, if released too early and shit happens.



I don't think its ready, I have found more then 1 bug that needs addressed first.  For instance, Internet Explorer broken when I tried to connect to an HTTPS server for my ISP, and I have issues with when I press my name in the start menu, "library" comes up...


Other then that, great OS!



as people being who we are we want everything to be perfict and we want it now. if it is released early people will complane about all the errors and if they wait until later the people will complane that they have to wait so if you ask me microsoft should fix ALL the bugs and release it later this year



I never like half baked goods..people signing up for its early release are just on for the HYPE..on windows 7..

Seriously if MS should release this, its shouldn't be a new OS..because it a tweak-out Vista..and should be an upgrade patch for vista...just a marketing strategy to get back on the revenues they lost on vista's release....

i may probably look into win7 by the next 2 years....when its properly patched and tested...

The beta was recieved well by some because us a Win7 Ultimate version...





  I dont think that Microsoft should have let this Beta release out to the general people just yet, It should be release to Board MFG, GPU MFG, sound card MFG and so on fist as well as Tech people including The Staff people Like at Maximum PC and so on, This is so every body can be on the same page, There are going to be Driver issues from the venders that will need time to bring there products up to speed and to make what products that have been release out in to the world backwards compatable with the new OS system, And Still there will be bugs in the system when it does Get released, Hopefully There will not be as much as we have seen in the pass for a smoother transsition, I am not even going to try the Beta knowing that the beta is going to have issues in the first place, As most of you have found out,

 As for the many versions or flavors that Microsoft is going to release is for who ever has what as far as hardware is going to be able to up grade to windows 7 if they want to, Not to say as well its a world wide release and not just for the good old USA and that has issues within its self, I am sure that when Windows 7 Does come out it will be a better OS system, But for sure it going to have changes to it than what one is use to, and we all will have to learn over again how to use it, The Beta is just a peek at what could be in this new OS system But look out we could all be in for a bigger surprise when it is released,




I think the more interesting question that this article raises isn't "do you think Windows 7 should be released now" but rather, "do you think this online petition is actually going to accomplish anything?"  It just seems like geek masturbation to me.


Microsoft is going to do whatever the heck they are already planning to do, and the only acknowledgement that this petition is going to get is someone in MS's marketing department thinking quietly to himself, "there's an internet petition for us to release it early?  That's good PR."


This will be about as fruitful as a petition that you sign if you want it to snow tomorrow. 



Why should I even leave a comment when this highly intelligent and logically thinking person writes what everyone else should have first though. Sir, I commend you for taking the words right out of my mouth.



Those aren't Window users signing that stuff...those are linux users who want it to be rushed.

On a more serious note.

After the woes with vista, people are actually wanting an early
release?...Seriously, either there's a lot of people who want that OS
to bomb, or there are a lot of really really stupid people out
there...and my money is on the stupid. 

I know a lot of people
don't like Vista, but pushing for a better version of good can come
from it. People know this, they have to know, you don't eat a pizza
before its done cooking, and you don't force a woman into labor before
she or the baby have to.

7 is not stable, it's just better than what you've had before, set your needs higher for a moment, even with XP better than Vista there are still things I find wrong with it all the time, just because 7 is faster and sleeker, or whatever, doesn't mean it's ready. I want something revolutionary, and so should everyone else. 7 seems to have a lot of "potential", but potential is a nice word for - promises that are as of yet, unfullfilled. 

Having said you really want a mere "fix" or "update" or do you want something more than that?


Lord Omega

Do not do it. It may end up like vista and that is some bad juju! Take the time it needs to become fully developed!



It'll be ready when Microsoft releases it. People need to get in touch with their patience and just wait for it when Microsoft deems its right for release. We don't want another Vista situation on our hands.



Windows 7 is perfect where its at, but im sure optimizations and fixes can make it even more faster and reliable. Windows 7 is too perfect. It actually feels like an upgrade. I really hope they dont mess it up in the mean time.



Windows 7 is an upgrade of Vista, it is very stable, I beta tested both Vista and now Windows 7 and Windows 7 is performing better then both XP and vista in my oppinion.  I tested both OS's on less then optimal systems.  I tested vista on a 2GHz celeron with 512mb RAM and a 20GB hdd.  I was actually surprised by its performance on that hardware and continue to be sceptical of huge hardware requirements of vista,  Windows 7 makes better use of system resources then vista so therefore performs better. It is in no way a "dumbed down" version of vista, it is better organized, and has many things that "just work" that havent really worked in any other microsoft OS.  But in my oppinion a full release of an OS should not be rushed in any way, whether it is stable or not, a major software release should be thoroughly tested and retested before it is released.  Considering that Vista was released years late, and Windows 7 is scheduled to be released in a year and its only at Beta 1 I think it would be favorable just to wait until they feel like its ready.



Windows 7 is supposed to fix Vista.  It's basically like Windows 98 SE.

Do it right this time.



More like 98 was to 95. Ask yourself what the difference was between the two. Without looking anything up I doubt you would be able to name 10.  People who expect a complete OS redesign every time are the problem here and thats why vista failed. XP was a pretty large step and they felt they needed to up the ante next time around and ended up not acheiving their goals and releasing would could have been a 3 year release after 6 years. 

I don't know if you think a completely redesigned taskbar along with many other features to improve usability is minor upgrade, but in my book its a pretty major ones especially when compared to other updates. (OS 10.6 = better 64 bit compatibility, Sounds like something I read on the description of an update). Windows 7 = large change when compared to other OS updates.



I built a smoking system in 11/05 in anticipation of Vista. The Vista CPP was limited but from Vista RC1 until now the OS has rocked for me. If flies. I run XP Pro for several months and Vista put it to shame. I think Windows 7 is a cut down Vista to accomodate old hardware. How can any OS move forward if it's designed to run 3+ year old hardware?

 They should give it away. It's a ugly piece of crap for out dated hardware!



So the more resources an OS uses, the more advanced it is... right...

Me thinks, me smells a troll.


The Relic

No, I do not think Win 7 is ready for prime-time. It is very stable on all three machines I am currently trying it out on. However, there have been quirks I have found on all three machines; On the laptop (1,86ghz single-core, 1GB RAM) when I click on the backup drive, all the stuff (programs, drivers, pics and music) are invisible until I exit it and re-click; then it reappears. Could be a memory problem, so I may try and stick more memory in it. In my backup computer (32-bit P4 3.2Ghz 2GB RAM GeForce 6600 GT AGP) it has the same problem I had with Vista using this graphics card (lines almost obscuring windows and dialog boxes, sometimes severely). When I use a PCI-E card the problems disappear (driver issue?).

The one I've tested most extensively is my main computer (64-bit in a separate partition; AMD Athlon x64 2.6ghz dual-core, 4GB RAM and a GeForce 8600GT 256MB). The most pressing problem I found there is a problem with sound drivers (buzzing during music; haven't noticed this during games) and disappearing executables when I installed a program it didn't like (Alcohol 52%).

All in all, I like Win 7 very much, but I will not say it is ready to be rolled out yet. These people need to slow down a bit and give MSFT a chance to work out more bugs, and (hopefully) make it even better, a more worthy successor to XP.



I don't think they should release it i don't want another Vista. Vista pisses me off bad enough right now i don't want another one like that.



Although I do hope they release it soon I don't want them to rush it, although my experiences with bugs in windows 7 are very few and minor, I don't really do a whole lot besides play games and check tech news.



 Microsoft should not release anything before it's release date AND they believe it is ready, and even then............

 Like the previous posters have said, I am using Windows 7 , and it is very stable however, there are still some issues that these petition signers would probably be the first to scream about. Nobody wants another release like that, just wait for a few more months. Or even better; don't say anything and keep using the FREE stable beta :)




if they can't complain about one thing they complain about another

everyone yelled at Microsoft for rushing vista, now they are bitching about 7

it's a great OS, by all means... BUT!!

When i change the name of a desktop folder or shortcut, it vanishes until i refresh the desktop

if i resize windows media player too many times, WDM shuts off and needs to restart

STILL, since vista, when i put a closed session burnt cd in the drive WHY does it always ask me to format it


these aren't big problems, however, they are enough for annoying people to bitch about, even the ones who say that microsoft should release it's OS now, so BLEH



Asus P6T

Core i7 920

9gb Corsair Dominator 8-8-8-24

4x10,000RMP raptors (2xStriped Arrays)


Fatl1ty X-Fi



The reason I think its not is becuase, it really never is good enough.  Especially when it comes to MS, not that MSFT products are not ready but they are not as polished as Apple OS are.  Sometimes I wonder if Vista had gotten such a bad rep if MSFT had delayed the release (to spend more time in QA). 

I bet the people advocating early release are going to be the first ones to complain about the issues that could have been fixed if they had not pushed.

Besides, I think its MSFT's strategy to delay enough to get people excited.  Though I hope they dont release 4-5 different versions as we just heard - that would really SUCK!!




"I bet the people advocating early release are going to be the first
ones to complain about the issues that could have been fixed if they
had not pushed."






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