Doom Movie Getting Rebooted in 3D



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A crappy movie in 3D is still a crappy movie, period. I'm not going to see a movie just because it's in 3D.



The best thing for the writer/director to do is abandon all the past Doom movies. Start from scratch with a more solid storyline or they're wasting their effort and money. Yea, they'll make some cash in the end... Theoretically you could make a really good Doom movie. Just haven't seen one yet. lol



I would love to see a good 3D movie of Dead Space. Seeing limbs fly off in your face. Yummy :) !



never saw the dwayne Johnson movie D00M, but given the bad reviews, i decided to pass it up and not watch it. now that it is in 3D, i am physically unable to see or process 3D in movies and games. Count me out on this rendition of the movie, as well.

Make a really good Duke Nukem movie, however, and the movie industry might just redeem itself in the game-movie adaptation.



double post



Like I said in a different thread, of course 3d movie profits are up, it's kinda easy when about 90% of the movies coming out are 3d and you don't have a choice at the theater to watch in standard 2d.  As for the subject matter of Doom the movie, reasons I think it sucked? To me the main reason it sucked is because like most all hollywood "game" movies, they didn't stick to the original story.  The whole movie was "some virus caused these mutations" was stupid, they could have called it resident evil in space.  I think the whole portal from hell bringing hellish creatures to a secret project on mars was a whole lot better. Some people will say Dwayne Johnsons acting was bad, but lets face it, no matter who you put in his role, you can't fix bad writing.  Here's an Idea hollywood, try playing the game you want to make a movie about instead of just reading the back of the box and stretching it into a script.

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