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so... the goal here is to disable to hi-jacker right? why not just get 2 flight marshal who is armed with taser gun? no more deadly harm to other passenger, and they are unlikely to experience unnessary pain.

 as a side note... the video above makes no sense at all... he just said airport have super bomb detection machines... how could the hi-jacker blow up the door with a bomb? we aren't even allow to carry water with us anymore!



How about this...

If the airlines increase legroom in coach by about a foot, stop hiring unattractive and surly flight attendants, put electrical outlets in all the seats, and make wireless standard... I'll wear a bracelet.




If one of the purposes is to subdue terrorists what would happen if the terrorists got their hands on the main control device that tells which taser to turn on?

Also, unless the wristbands are made of adamantium, the terrorists could probably find a way to cut them off while in the washroom.



Both physically and metaphorically... the knee jerk reaction will continue long after 9/11.


Talcum X

 Not to worry, its only on my end.  Stupid IS has many sites blocked that sell things or have videos.

Anyway, if they want to deture bad behavior/terrorism, we should all be packing.  It's called Mutually Assured Destruction.  It works for the nations of the world (who have such weapons), it would work in the private sector as well.  Now that may just be my NRA upbringing, but it makes sence to me.

 If they want to stun an unruly passanger without such a device, then install tasers in the seats.  Kind of negates the whole "floatation device" of them, but at least you dont have to wear it during the flight.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



In the post 9/11 world, I can't imagine passengers just letting them take over the plane thinking that things might work out okay. A terrorist today better hope he packed a heavy machine gun to hold off the panicked passengers from tearing him to shreads while he tries to take over the plane. Anything less and there wouldn't be anything left of him to stand trial.



Anyone else think that the image from Lamperd's website looks like a Counter Strike clan's logo?



lol yes, cs source was the first thing that popped into my mind 

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