Don't Forget—Windows 7 Beta Expires Next Week



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heres the link


home premium 200

pro 300

ultimate 320

upgrades are, 100,200,220 respectively 



Yeah, well the "change" coming sucks. Government healthcare? Please go ask people in Canada and Europe all about that and see just how great it really is.

And now with Iran and North Korea threatening the US, I can see just how well those "talks with no preconditions" really help. I mean, both countries are bending over backwards to be nice and listen to Obama. Right!




First of all, this article is about the Windows 7 beta expiring. Why are you talking about Obama?


And secondly, I live in Canada, and health care is actually one of the best parts about being Canadian and is one of the major reasons why I live here. Free doctor checkups, optometry checkups, if I ever get sick or hurt, I just show up to the hospital and they fix me for free. We even get surgeory for free. How much does triple bypass surgeory cost in the US? Cause it doesn't cost a single penny here. 


And North Korea is threatening the UN as a whole just to get attention. It's all talk. If they ever actually tried to harm the US, you don't think Obama would destroy that country within an hour? And Iran never threatened the US. If they did anything they pretty much just told the US to stay out of it, which is what Obama should do, and is doing. 



Nothing is free. It doesn't magically fall out of the sky. Tax Tax and more Tax.


Yeah, and GWB was doing so much better for us? 



You've seen what? What is rubbish?


I Jedi

Obama's change.



I've seen it, it's rubbish.

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