Don't Expect Any New Netbooks from Asus, Acer Anytime Soon



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it’s not expected that neither Asus or Acer will launch any more netbooks during the second half of 2009!


YAY , That means They Are expected to make Netbooks!



"it’s not expected that neither Asus or Acer will" means "it IS expected that either Asus or Acer will..." :)



I have been awaiting an Ion equiped netbook for almost a year, since the pre-release architecture notes started showing up.  I know the manufacturers hate selling these things because of the profit margin but there is a very real market and we want them. Somebody is going to sell it eventually so get on board.  I am in the military and frequently spend a lot of time away from conventional power sources and and thanks to where we are at the moment really hot dusty crap holes.  A computer that fits in a cargo pocket, has no optical drive (they don't survive the dust for more than 15 days anyway) and runs better than 4 hours on a charge is ideal.  I can already buy a new ITX mobo with an Ion on board why have they not updated the netbooks yet?  BTW the PX almost never stocks these things and half the time the online retailers won't ship to our APO boxes, somebody is missing out on a customer base here.


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