Don't Like the Carriers? Wi-Fi-Only Galaxy Tab Hitting Best Buy



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I thought they couldn't do a wifi only tablet because of the Android Market restrictions set by Google.

And the ad says "Wifi and 3G versions are availabel with contract and Month-to-Month plans." Why would you need a contract or plan on a wifi-only model?

Oh, also, it's not a Super AMOLED screen either. This ad has got a lot of issues.



presumably they couldn't be bothered to create seperate copy for the stand-alone version of the device (which I can understand if they are running this concurrent with print ads for the holidays, across millions of flyers that ads up to a lot of ink and page space)

but yeah, the advertising does seem buggy



According to Engadget, the $500 price is for subsidized devices, thats why it says $499 and up.

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