Don't Call It a Fire Sale: RIM Discounts All PlayBook Models to $299, Crashes Website



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Just a question, but is it possible to root the Playbook to a FULL android? Its got the hardware to easily run honeycomb. If yes, i think its worth buying this. Well see, for 300, you can either buy a 32gb iPod Touch or the 64gb Blackberry Playbook. I say playbook.



Was looking to see what there canadian site had, but it is still crashed. 



Still dont want one. Its a half assed attempt at a tablet that doesnt even get the basics right. I expect nothing less from RIM.


Besides $299 is STILL too expensive for the Playbook. Cut it down to $49.99 and maybe ill think about it. But even then I dont think I would bite. Its hard to justify spending even $50 on anything from a company that will be backrupt by August. 

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