Domestic Sales of Nintendo's 3DS Cross 5 Million Units in Record Time



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I've been waiting for more and better games to come out. I'm interested in the device but I'm not about to rush out and buy one and sit with nothing to play. The only thing out that's decent is Ocarina of Time, but when I owned a N64 I played that game to death.



I'm amazing that people will actually pay money for this warmed over junk.

The DS was small, had a battery life of 10 hours, and was backward compatible with GameBoy Advance games.

This piece of junk is missing dual analog sticks, has a 2 hour battery life, doesn't work with GameBoy Advance games, and causes eyestrain.

What a piece of junk!



*3DS's predecessor
I created an account just to do this.
I'm annoying!



"The record previously belonged to 3DS’s successor, the Nintendo DS, which took four weeks more to sell as many units."

The DS was the predecessor of the 3DS.



So really, the DS is the 3DS's predecessor, and if one assesses the DS's successor's excess to the DS's success then it can be expressed that the 3DS is progress. God bless!

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