Dolby Announces New In-Game Voice Tech to Boost Immersiveness



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It's about time Dolby Labs stepped up to the gaming plate! I can't wait.




this sounds really cool because then you can just say behind you and they should be able to tell who you are talking to insted of having to know and call out the name of the person about to be shot lol. i would use it if it works and you can understand people



I think it would be an awesome idea, assuming that they can get people to sound clear in the first place. As it is, mics vary so much in quality, I think they should make sure it's at least an option to turn this feature off if you just flat out can't understand someone. So many times on voice chat, I can barely understand someone as it is. I can't imagine what it would be like if the game was artificially inducing some distortion into their voice to simulate the sound of them being behind a door, around a corner, all while under water.  However, if it gets pulled off with enough clarity so we can still understand everyone, I'd be all for it.



This is a great idea... the only thing i think should very is when you have team based games, you should always have it like this for enemies... that way you could tell the difference (maby make it so people on the other team are harder to hear or have a limited distance you can hear them from...



You make an excellent point. The quality of in-game chat often leaves much to be desired.

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