DOJ Launches a Formal Investigation into the Google Book Search Settlement



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Ok, this does scare me a bit, but the more I look into it, the more it doens't seem like that big a deal. Its not as if google will own the rights to all of the information. what REALLY bothers me is the following line:

"Critics argue that Google’s head start makes competing difficult"

Are you serious? That statement makes my capitolist head want to explode. Just because noone else thought of it, or had the motivation or capitol to put it in motion doesn't mean google should be held back in their attempts. Imagine if you came up with an awsome idea and when you went to implement it someone said, "woah! hold up there buddy, you need to wait for other people to perfect that technology also before you go trying to market it." I'm sorry, but a "head start" is not an excuse for legaly blocking a company from putting its ideas into motion.

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