Doing the Limbo with AMD Stock: How Low Can You Go?



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This is super disappointing. I like AMD, 'cuz it's the one viable rival to Intel for PC CPUs. I've been using their platforms for a lo-o-o-ong time with no hiccups. Plus they don't use the arrogant tactic of trying to recoup their development costs in their first year of sales by over-pricing their processors. They also seemed to be pretty dedicated to differentiating themselves and outdoing Intel in design; no easy task.



It's a sad but not surprising bit of news that AMD is having problems. I've been a AMD fan since the K6-2 days and built quite a number of systems using their silicon.
Problem is that with the Phenom generation going forward AMD continually had problems getting their new CPU technology to market in a timely manner. This meant that they could only compete on price.
CPU production isn't the major cost factor, R&D is. It can become a hole that you keep throwing more money down, so the longer to get to market the higher the R&D cost that will occur. Then you only have a short window where you can get your maximum price for the finished product. So if you have a product with a high R&D cost coupled with it under performing which lowers what you can charge for it, and your going to have major problems recouping that R&D.
AMD's saving grace was the fact that Intel pretty much ignored the budget and mid-range market. But that changed. Which one makes the best CPU for those market segments is debatable, but it doesn't matter. The more of the market Intel can steal, the harder it is for AMD to recoup it's costs, so each generation simply puts them further in the hole.
The ATI merger might and might not of helped create this problem. Even the fact that AMD got rid of their fabs could of hurt as much as it helped. I'm pretty sure the GPU division of AMD was over all more cost effective then the CPU. The problem is you can only be a dollar short and a day late so many times before it really starts to hurt your ability to compete.

I'm hopeful that AMD can come out the other side of this but only time will tell I'm afraid.



I was an AMD CPU fan for many years, and every system I built had one under the hood. I remember when they cloned the 80386 (AM386). Earlier ones too (8086, 80186, & 80286), but I never owned one. It was a 100% compatible chip to Intel's. I built many systems with Athlon, Duron and Athlon XP series processors. And their 64 bit CPU's were kickass. But when the multi core processors came out they slipped way behind. Beginning with Socket 775 I've used Intel processors.

I agree that if they go under it will not be a good thing. We can count on prices to start moving upward if that happens.


Sir Hobbes3

I may be a Intel and nVidia guy, buy AMD/ATI has always been a good reputable company, it'd be sad to see them go under.



Sad to see AMD going so down hill after having such great processors in the past. I still have a few of those lying around still working for the most part. Hope they can give Intel some competition again. I miss the days when it was a GHZ race. Now it seems pointless in comparison.



Yeah 2 dollar shares is definetly not a good sign. I really hope AMD does stay afloat but from what these articles say it's looking pretty dire. IF they do in fact go under at least the short sited silver lining will be some really good deals on chips and gpus. If hardware prices hit rock bottom I'll wait and build my new rig around AMD instead of intel but that's probably along ways off if at all. Really really don't want to build a rig around a platform that draws more power and a nm generation behind. (32nm vs 22nm)



In my ten years of building PCs I've never used anything but AMD. Haven't used Radeon since the 8800 GTX came out (and permanently sold me on Nvidia). Still, I don't want to see AMD go by the wayside. They're served me quite well.


John Pombrio

Hewlett-Packard is also dropping fast. 60 to 12.75 in just a few years.



Yeah, I was gonna get steamroller to replace my 8150, but its looking like I should probably just go ahead and get the 8350 while I can still afford a processor...



maybe Apple could buy it if they can manage to make the chips that Samsung makes, and cut that cord.



I really hope AMD not only stays in business, but comes back and does well. I kind of like them. Yeah, I believe Intel holds a bunch of advantages over AMD right now; I'm not saying AMD will become more valuable than Intel (that said, weirder things have happened). I just want AMD to bounce back and be somewhat of a competitor to Intel again.



I agree. While I do use Intel Only CPUs, I don't want to see AMD go under. Intel would stink if it wasn't for AMD keeping them competitive.



I agree. It's in the consumers' best interest that Intel still has a CPU competitor and that NVidia has a GPU competitor.

I remember when NVidia didn't have a strong competitor after 3DFx went under. With ATI still putting out poor graphics at the time (Their OpenGL support was terrible) NVidia just kind of rested on their laurels and released new lack luster graphics chipsets at premium prices. When ATI finally began offering competitive GPUs, NVidia's GPU's began to step it up again.



It's too bad AMD might go under. They have made pretty good chips, and at great prices. I am not a fan of any single brand name, so as a current AMD user, I think they have to step it up. They just do not offer the same features and customer catering as Intel or nVidia. Even with the ATI acquisition, they haven't really improved in my opinion, even though the videocards got better than they used to be

I bought an X6 1100T black edition because it had a lot for cheap. It is a perfect budget part for my multithreading needs, but compared to intel chips in overall speed, they SUCK. My 6870HD is a blast to use, but the Catalyst Software Suite is slow, buggy, and there is no bells and whistles such as PhysX. I could write more complaints.

If AMD does not step it up soon, I won't be able to buy from them anymore, but I might not buy from AMD next time anyways.

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