Does Nintendo's 3DS Console Have a Kill Switch?



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Um, you people know that this is just a scare tactic, right? Nintendo cannot legally disable the functionality a console or handheld had at the time you bought it up until you used an illegal cart. They could stop future updates, like the e-shop or stuff like that, but they cannot remove what you previously had. Think of what would happen if your 3ds got bricked because you bought an illegal pokemon game, but thought it was legitimate off of ebay or another site. It would just cause total chaos. Also, if you look at the no copying warning of nintendo systems, you can see how it sounds more and more severe with each console. You can see what I mean here:



Why does something like this even get mention...  that slow of a news day?

Wii, Xbox, PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP all suffer this form of (when firmware is updated it may brick).  Either brick the unit or kill the homebrew portion of it etc.  

I will also say that if they do some BS that forces you to update etc. then that's messed up but until these companies learn that there are things like scrubbers out there to disable updates...  they will never win.

Besides they will sell metric tons to kiddies and they don't know how to hack them :)  They just want all the pokemons.



I love all my two DS consoles. (They're the silver DS Phat, original consoles) I'm sure I'll eventually end up buying a 3DS, though after a year or so wait. I've worn out my DS Phat untilt he point that I've replaced the shell on each, the buttons, and now one of the touchscreens stopped responding. *sadface* It's a good thing that there are after market parts to replace screens, etc.  Why are the so worn out? Answer: NES emulator NesDS using the shoulder buttons to L/Rewind & R/FastForward AND Metroid Pinball.  Emulators plus regular, legitimate (I own the carts) gaming, and I've worn out two DS consoles. I've more than got my money's worth. The next step is to buy a DSi XL and a Supercard Dstwo to run my old emulators on a new, shiny, larger DS XL. I'm excited about finally getting an XL, so I'll keep the same gaming habits and get (enjoy) the wear and tear on that new handheld before venturing into new-DS-console-that-costs-more-than-my-Wii.  I really dig the ARM processors in the various DS systems, and I'll keep on using those until either (1) the wheels fall off OR (2) 3DS gets some killer app that I can't live without. I can't say that I'll set out to initially use a Supercard flash-cart on 3DS, but I would like to be able to without my system bricking itself. So, like many computing technologies, I'll wait a year or so, when prices are lower and there is a larger 3DS user base. Then, like my many years before, I'll play the newest NesDS, albeit in a higher resolution with more screen real estate, on my new 3DS.



Bad move on  Nintendo's part, but I'll bet the Homebrew community will find a way around it.



I'm not much into modding, homebrewing and other stuff but I can see this having a huge impact on many who were thinking of buying one. We have the right to do what we want with our devices so this is just a poor move on their part.



Personally I'd never buy a 3DS but if I drop $250 on it and they bricked it I'd sue the crap out of them.  Now if I were to do an illegal act that may corrupt the early phase 3DS network I can understand in order to protect their network however if I were to do a mod on MY 3DS that does not effect Nintendo then there should be no reason to brink my device as it is MINE since I purchased it.  If I wanted to I can throw the device against a wall.  As far as I'm concerned bricking one of my devices constitutes an assult against me.  To me bricking my device is like cutting my breakline disabling my car which too is ellegal.  Don't get me wrong I'm not into jailbreaking but if I were I should have that right as long as it does not effect others.  If it's a warranty issue that's ok so void the warranty but it's ellegal to not allow jailbreaking anyway.

Such as with the Clearwire lawsuit if I were with Clearwire I'd join the 15 people sueing them.  I'm hoping to do the same with my current company.  Please don't give me that crap about changing companies because it's not an option in my area.



I don't care, for the hacking community hasn't let me down yet.



Aww quit ur bitchin.  I'ma get on if they implement this or not.  I'm not planning on modding the thing in anyway.



well i wasn't gonna bother getting one either way. but no if they could brick the whole thing because of jail breaking it. i would not buy it



Whoa... legally, according to the DMCA, people can jailbreak their stuff, and this is pretty close! I'm not buying a Nintendo 3DS then...



Well, there is a chance that they are:

<li> Doing this to prevent hackers</li>

<li> Just lying</li>

<li> Or just warning the general community that it is not their fault if a firmware update ruins your ds (modded)</li> 




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I will only get a 3DS if I can run a flashcart on it. That's the reason I love my current DS. Since I am following flashcart news regarding the 3DS, they actaully already have flashcarts working in regular DS mode. That's another reason why I never update consoles. I have my wii hacked so I can use a hard drive to boot games. Following the update path of the wii, only a few features have been added. I would say 90% of each updates are to prevent further hacks.

TLDR: Don't update consoles, updates prevent hacks :(





This is the same thing Nintendo says about the Wii.  Modifications to the console "might" cause your console to stop working if you install a firmware update.  The firmware updater even warns you about it and instructs you on how to cancel the update.  So far, I haven't heard about any firmware updates bricking any Wii consoles.  Nintendo is just playing it safe so they can say "we warned you that might happen!"



I would never buy a piece of hardware, that restricted what type of code I could run on it. The "game" you wish to play must be "approved" by Nintendo, in order to feel safe enough to actually play it, without Nintendo sending out an update, disabling your device, right. I would be more worried about "straight" people, trying to play by the rules, just to fall victim to this, and trying for a warranty exchange, only to find out that since your device "detected un-aproved code" it bricked it self, and are no longer valid for warranty. We can imply all sorts of things here, some of which may or may not happen. You must give people the benifit of the doubt.

I think the future for "specialized" devices are coming to a close. Smart phones, esp ones that run Android, are more than capable to emulate "hacked" roms from the DS, not sure about the 3d refresh though. All i see this move doing is forcing people to come up with alternatives to playing the games, over trying to "comply" with rules that may or may not exist in reality.

I believe that this is a scare tactic, designed to discourage people from finding a work around to paying for games. What this is actually doing is discouraging people from even buying the system, because of loosely placed "reactive" rules, that may or may not exist.

Come up with a way to encourage people to buy your system and it's games, and you will solve the pirate issue from the other side.

Back in the day of the original xbox mod, I personally found it perfectly legitimate to backup games i own onto it's hard drive, that I upgraded to store dozens of games at a time. If i were to buy a handheld, i would hate to have to carry around cartridges, or sd cards to change the game i want to play. The 3rd party mem cards that allow you to place several roms onto one memory card saves the hassle of swapping out the physical games when you wanted to play something else. I would almost suggest an online tool to purchase "approved" games, that could be downloaded to an "approved" memory card, that Nintendo officially supports and sells, enabling people to carry around several game titles on one cartridge/memory card.

If anyone has followed console "hacking" and the homebrew scene around it, you know that this is an element that helps pioneer the future of the industry, because the people produce what they want their systems to do, and in return, if hardware manufactures produce tools that enable, instead of disable, while still finding a way to make money, everyone would be happy.



It is all about controling their assests just as Jobs loves to do with Apple. Money equals greed.


Markkus Rovito

Portable consoles feel about as dead as Clickwheel iPods.



No, never wanted one. Definitly would not buy it now if they think it is ok to brick $250.00 in my hands. I hate companies that think they have become too big for their britches to care for customers. In the end they get what is coming to them. lol



Not really. I never planned to buy one in the first place. I would rather spend that money on a good sound card for my PC !

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