Do We Need a Standards Process for 3D Spectacles?



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I will wear glasses to see a very good movie in 3D but I will never again go to a 3D movie just for the 3D effect. If it is not something that I really want to see and something that can stand on its own two feet without 3D I would not bother with it if it were in 4D :-)

As for 3D at home? meh. not worth it and I do not want to have to wear 3D glasses to watch TV or a movie at home. I think the industry knows this and that they are despirate to foist this on us. It will not work.



What a joke.  These guys need to take their 3D Dork-shades off and look around.  Nobody I know is willing to spend money on "3D" video hardware until they do away with the glasses.



What the heck!  Stupid is as Stupid does.  Any real survey I have seen, or opinions of people I know, are totally opposite.  It appears, for whatever reason, the industry does what they want and forces 3D onto us.  Now as mentioned, 3D sans the glasses, may be acceptable.  However, wearing glasses for hours at home watching my favorite movies, is totally unacceptable in my opinion. 

What is your opinion.  Lets see how many vote for 3D (with glasses) in the home.

3D: Yes or No?

My Vote=NO




I hate 3D glasses. I wear regular glasses so it's a big hassle. And if I wear 3D glasses for any amount of time, it feels like ice picks being driven into my brain. Not No, but Hell No!

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