Do Mainstream Users Need a Bloodhound to Find Their Address Bar?



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I often just type the url into the search bar in Firefox to make sure that I have spelled it correctly. Google spellcheck is a  pretty handy tool.



it's so true, it scares me...

a week ago, my aunt visted my house and she asked to use my computer. she tried to access her email, instead of loggin on to live messenger i told her to just access it by going to live mail's website. i told her to type, and she asked me where. o_O




That first paragraph is great (except using a comma where you really meant a colon, but I'm not going to be one of THOSE people...).  I seriously did laugh out loud because it is so true, and the way you put it is perfect.



A big part of the problem is the proliferation of TLD's. Unless it's a site I visit regularly, I always use the search bar rather than the URL bar because I don't know the TLD.



Just try and tell a user to enter their TLD, they might even get offended!

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