DNSChanger Server Deactivation Wasn't A Big Deal, ISPs Say



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Most people also missing the point that...

FBI's disconnection of servers.

Almost makes one wonder what's next or also what else they are capable of. Between the FBI, NSA, and NRO the government has almost complete control over every adult american. And it's more of an issue than just privacy. america has become a militarized police state worse than any country from the cold war. So basically america has become worse than it's enemies; due to the government of the united states



I love this country; government can control all they want. I'm glad I’m not in the Middle East. Think about it before you bash the government. people gotta appreciate for what they have.



I remember that all I had to do for my oldest brother's computer(s) was to go into his router and change the DNS settings there. I basically wasted my time reinstalling Windows and getting his games reloaded. But in any case, the DNS trojan hit the router and changed his DNS to one of the rogue ones. He's back to normal for I dunno how long.


The Second Comi...

Chicken Pants knows this old ploy:

be afraid...BE AFRAID! The Nazis...no, wait...the Commies! Oops...the Mobsters...shit! We mean the Drug Kingpins...no...the Gangs...Terrorists...now Cyber Crooks...

Whatever - Look in the mirror if you want protection.



Can we say y2k bug anyone!?

Sadly this hype is the affects of non geeks being involved in the computer world. The average user (who had trouble turning the PC on in the first place) is the one that writes the story telling others just like them that the sky is falling.

It's amazing how exponential fast mass ignorance grows stupidity.

Maybe if you forward this to all your friends via outlook express Microsoft will pay you $10 for each person you sent it to forwards it to someone else using outlook express!



"Sadly this hype is the affects of non geeks being involved in the computer world."

I would argue that it's the effect of pageviews-as-currency on the web. 'The End of the Internet!' attracts way more readers than 'Virus to Cause Very Few Problems.'

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