DNS Malware to Knock Hundreds of Thousands of PCs Offline Monday



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I wouldn't be surprised if my oldest brother's computer gets infected with this thing. Comcast already sent him a letter around this time last year about having a DNS changer on his computer which Malwarebytes apparently can't (or doesn't want to) detect.



I sure hope no one I know is numbered amongst that 277,000. My phone will ring if someone I know has it and FML shall surely follow.



We should have given their IP addresses to the RIAA and MPAA and told them "they're illegally downloading warez!"

They would have tracked them down in an instant. Then we could say "Oh, hey, we were mistaken. But now that we know who they are, we can tell them to take their computer to a repair shop. Thanks RIAA and MPAA for being Good Citizens and helping us out free of charge."



Oh NOES! The sky is falling!

This story has been sooo damned overhyped. Nobody's going to lose their internet connection. DNS will just stop working on the infected PCs. In the grand scheme of things, a stitistically insignificant number of the world's PCs will be affected.

Much ado about nothing.



I am anticipating that come Monday people are going to come into the shop saying, "I can't get on the Internet. I called my ISP and they said it was something to do with my computer." ...come to find out that DNSChanger is trolololing there computer.



Are you suggesting this is actually a clever ploy by Best Buy or Staples (or some unholy organization comprised of the two) to get people to bring their computers in for overpriced service?




"but they'll found on on Monday when the Internet goes dark."

but they'll find out on Monday when the internet goes dark.

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