DIYer Creates Real-Life Oblivion Tome Containing Text From Every Book In The Game



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This is super cool.

... I can't remember (someone attest to this?), but Baldur's Gate had plenty of in-game books and lore.  If so, maybe some DYI'er should make one up too!  (yea yea, I know there's plenty of fictional books out there already in that realm)


h e x e n

That's pretty beast. I could never really get into Oblivion, but this is badass.



To me this sounds like something bethesda could do as either part of a big special edition or just a separately published book.   from each of the eldar scrolls games there is a wealth of written matial, books, scrolls, what not.  Why don't they employ a specialty publisher that can do high quality bound books and put them out for fans to buy and peruse without having to stare at their screen to read the contents.  i usually skip through the books and feel guilty for doing it, but id rather keep exploring or something.  but if i could have a physical book to take with me to the bathroom and read about eldar scrolls legends and history.  When Stephen King was finishing up hisDark Tower series he began doing an edition through a high end pusblisher that made leather bound copies with high quality paper, Grant publishing, i think it was like Doug M. Grant.  beautiful copies with full color illustrations andeverything.   Or like what they did for Hitchhickers Guide, they did a leather bound compendium with gold leaf around the edges and a ribbon bookmark with bible page thin paper.  and i dont want cheap ass carboard either that they can just turn out quickly.


Brad Nimbus

I've been saying this since the game first came out! Awesome bathroom book.



Talk about folder for fanboys... Holy Moly Macaroni batman...





Brad Nimbus

Thanks for the zip file man. That book is amazing what an awesome christmas present idea!



Awesome, I've been reading in-game tomes from the Elderscrolls series since at least Daggerfall.  I tend to love the joke stories. 



Now that is cool!

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