DisplaySearch Predicts Rapid Tablet Growth Will Cannibalize Notebook Sales



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Tablets wouldn't really be cannibalizing netbook sales. They would be eating into netbook sales, but --

Sorry the anti-nitpicking police are at the door. I must flee!



People who will be willing to purchase a tablet in place of a Laptop PC are one of two main groups.

Someone who is caught up in the 'gee whiz' factor and not understanding (Read: testing) the limitations of touch screen technonogy. Keyboard+Mouse > Touchscreen: for most productivity applicatons.

Or, someone who wants a simpler device and understands what they are loosing by going the tablet route. Odds are they are already using a device with a built-in keyboard, but have little use for the KB, since they're using the device mostly for media.

Tablets have their place, but anyone who thinks they will canabalize any of the 'productivity' market does not have their finger on the pulse of technology, in my opinion. The only market share Tablets will absorbe is the market that has been using protable devices 'like tablets' (Since they didn't exist), and want a device that IS a Tablet.

Just my $0.02.



I don't think this is good advice. It sounds like it came from the hardware manufacturers. This is the first generation of tablets. Waiting for at least the second generation with better graphics abilities and more connectivity options makes sense and I believe that MaxPC has actually advocated as much.

"For those who haven't jumped on the tablet bandwagon, now's the time to do so."

I don't think the quote above should be regarded very highly. Tablets are great for web surfers, but so far they're not all they could be for productivity and media consumption. Once they get the ability to run Office, and have HDMI and DVI ports then they'll get closer to the devices they can be.

They are coming, but they haven't arrived yet...



More projection reports on tablet growth from people who have never tried to type an essay on a touchscreen.



OMG! It is domo-kun!!!!



Didn't they say the same thing with Netbooks or something?

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