Disney to Cram Movies onto SD Cards, Does Anyone Care?



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Putting movies on an sd multimedia card is actually a pretty good idea. The price tag however, seems extremely excessive. The copy protection is just ridiculous. It won't be long until someone figures out how to remove it and releases and open source program to do it. So who do they think they're protecting the content from?



Nice. I dont see any kids choking on those in the near future. Looks delicious.



During the evening or with friends, they can watch movies. During the day, I want them out playing and being active. If on a road trip, they can watch a DVD on thier portable DVD player. BUT they are NOT, going to watch movies on my cell phone!! I draw the line there. They are 10 and 11 and my 600$ phone is worth a crap load more than 100$ player. Plus, those screens are too small for effective screen watching. Iphoney, Zune, Ipod, they are the same...headache makers.



What is this 1999? 

I remeber cramming a full length movie on a 128mb card 9 years ago so I could watch video during a flight.   Doesn't seem all that cool these days.

Why doesn't Disney just stream this to your iphone?

For the price,  Just buy the DVD's you want (Cough) download them.  Then place the data on your own SD Card. 




wow cost way way way to much.  Only way for this work is its cheap, the quality is good, and once i buy it, its mine and they cant tell me what to play it on, how many times i can copy it and what else i want to do with it.

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