Dish to Shutter More Blockbuster Stores Than Expected



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I'm pretty sure all 12,342,389 Blockbusters in Edmonton, Alberta, have closed. I find it a shame, only beacuse I used to rent games from them. I have no idea the last time I rented a film.



We have a couple of Family Video's around where I live. Im actually surprised those are doing ok. The Hollywood Video that we had closed probably five years ago and both of our Blockbusters have been gone for maybe a couple of years. With Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and similar options around, places like Blockbuster are kind of pointless. Even cable tv is becoming unnecessary.



My city's Hollywood Video and Blockbuster are now gone. Now my only options are Redbox (doesn't offer older movies) and the internet. I don't like this interrum time between brick and mortar rental stores and complete online acquisition of movies. But I guess it's a necessary period of growing pains. It sure sucks though. I keep wanting to rent older movies at a store but I can't do it. Oh well. I'll bet this period of interrum discomfort will be over in 5 or 10 years.



The Blockbuster in my town is actually doing well.  There's no competition other than Redbox (the last independent closed this year).  Hopefully they'll keep it open.  I actually like browsing the aisles vs. mail order.



Same thing here. And I have their mailorder subscription too. I could take my 3 mailed movies into the store and trade them in for 3 movies there. Now it's closing. That really sucks.




There is a Blockbuster right up the street from my house that is going to be closed soon. Everyone in our neighborhood (including my family) has gone to that store to rent movies and games since the late 90's.  I guess now we are kind of forced to get Netflix or go without since Hollywood Video closed a couple of years ago.



I hear ya, ALL of the Blockbusters have closed in Canada and there are no alternative brick and mortar store at least where I live (Even Canada's Rogers Video is closing a bunch of stores). Netflix (Hulu and the like isn't available) is horrible up hear and unless you live in an urban area that has access to digital cable to rent new movies you have to either torrent them or hit up itunes or your game console.

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