Dish Network's $10/Month Blockbuster Movie Pass Bats Eyes at Netflix Customers



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DISH Network has a huge customer base that loves TV. They love being able to sit in front of their HDTV's and enjoy a live baseball game or settle the kids down and watch the newest episode of Sponge Bob. DISH has always catered to their customers; for example they're always coming out with innovative technology like creating a way for subscribers to watch their live TV programming while they're out of the house or in another country. Now DISH is offering a powerhouse library of DVD's, streaming and video games to their customers for a low price. As a subscriber and current employee at DISH I'm thrilled about the Blockbuster Movie Pass that starts this October 1st! I've already cancelled my Gamefly and Netflix subscriptions because I'd rather deal with paying one bill for a ton of entertainment options. This may not be for everyone, but there is a large mass of consumers out there that wouldn't mind having so much value from one dependable company.



The outrage over Netflix boils down to really bad management decisions, especially on communications.  Every customer should have been contacted with the complete explanation of what Netflix was going to do with streaming and DVD accounts.  Then each customer should have been given time to make a choices.  One of the choices should have been a discount for taking both options, even if in the future they sell off the streaming. 

Instead they just jack up the prices with no notice.  I found out after I noticed my credit card charged a high number without any notice.  If I find any othe choice that works for me I will dump Netflix just because of the lame treatment of me as a customer.  On top of that the writter of the email that went out to customers from the CEO did such a poor job that instead of feeling an appology I felt kicked again.



I use streaming services because I don't want to use a cable or satellite provider.  If this deal split from Dish then I would get it in a heartbeat.



I expected this model from dish/blockbuster since dish bought out blockbuster.

though it will not help with my needs (I don't plan on a 50 dollar minumum dish entry just to pick up the service) I wonder what happens when dish watches thier top tier dwindle when people dump it to switch to block buster instead.

why keep all those movie channels and a package at 100 or over and add blockbust on top of it?





Blockbuster apparently is as "crazy" as Netflix.  Why in the F would you limit your customer base by requiring people to have someone else's service to use it?  There are too many reasons this is not a good idea...


1.  It increases the cost to use your service.

2.  It adds the liability that they can dictate the use of your service, and increase the cost to continue doing so.

3.  It ensures that your customer base can never be any larger than theirs.

(I'm just gonna stop at three, even though I'm sure I can keep going.)


It's like the idea of proprietary versus standard.  Sure, it sounds like a good idea to limit the customer's options, but in the end, it really isn't one.  Ultimately, someone else will offer better options, or even just options period. Not only will you lose what you had, you will now have to change your entire business model to attract people back, while also nursing a bruised image. 



You do realize that Blockbuster was purchased by Dish a long time ago, right? So there is no such thing as a solo entity called Blockbuster at this point. Dish paid a few billion for the right to use the name and whatever licensing they had left.



The Dish component for streaming is a deal breaker.  It never ceases to amaze me how shortsighted companies are towards whats needed for true market penetration.  But then again when you aquire a company like Blockbuster at fire sale prices- you don't need to be too smart.

I agree with you Stinky Fartface (now that's a sentence I wouldn't have guessed I'd be using today)- rumor is Amazon has their sight's set on the streaming side of Netflix and that would make huge sense.



no.  Netflix streaming ins't broken.

what's broken is people's perception of the value Netflix represents.



What's broken is Netflix getting its balls busted by media owners who want absurd prices and lead to this mess.



THANK you. Finally, someone else sane in this mix.


Stinky Fartface

Except that Netflix has voluntarily thrown all its eggs in the basket with the one who are breaking their balls (sorry for the double metaphor). I was kinda ok with them charging more for the services (although I think they should have offered a price break for both combined), but separating the company into two was a stupid move. It makes it unnecessarily difficult to manage and maintain. The only logic behind it is if they want to sell off that portion of their business entirely.

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