Dish Network May Partner With T-Mobile if AT&T Deal Fails



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i think this would be great for dish and tmo to partner together



This wouldn't kill competition in their respective industries (no cellular services or television providers would be taken out of the picture), and with the extra spectrum T-Mobile's services would be improved without screwing over the consumer (where I live, theres no 3G coverage). I like it!



AT&T fights "valiantly"? Give me a break. When they say they will create jobs in the USA, they are lying through their teeth. Those jobs will disappear as soon as the merger goes through. The Dish Network/T-Mobile hookup sounds like a good idea to me. Let's have some real competition.



This would be an interesting move. Dish has already been trying to make moves into wireless sat-phone on its own, buying up defunct services like Iridium. Considering I live in an undser-served area where even 3g coverage can be spotty because it's not profitable to put up towers, being able to have a device with good coverage would be great in my bookas would competition. As it stands right now, even if AT&T is finally smacked down, Tmo will likely wither on the vine without someone else to buy them, because the german parent company wants nothing more to do with the american market.

(fair disclosure, I worked for dish myself back in 2001-2002 in their littleton CO offices)


Holly Golightly

Well, this won't take away our choice as consumers the way AT&T would have. So I will be okay with Dish giving a partnership to T-Mobile if it will mean that we still have 4 major choices and competitive pricing. Why not? I mean, everyone seems to offer phone, tv, and broadband triple packages these days.

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