DirecTV Mulls Bringing NFL Sunday Ticket to Apple TV, Boxee, and Other Streaming Devices



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I agree that the price is nuts. I have the Sunday Ticket now as I wanted to watch my team (not a local one) and they even wanted an additional $100 to get it in Hi-Def, how greedy is that? They did back off on that however. As I am not interested in many of the games they show I probibally will not renew, at least not at the present price. I am absolutly NOT interested in watching a football game on a 3" screen. I would not pay to get it on a mobile device. There are so many ways to keep up with the score on a mobile device why bother trying to see where a football which would be the size of a pinhead is on a mobile device. I M H O only a pinhead would pay for that and I told them so on the survey.



booooo.  cable prices are weak.

i'm pay $10 a month OR $50 for the regular season (sept-jeb) to get this streamed.

$50 a month to watch out of market teams is asinine.

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