Direct Google Nexus One Sales Are About to End



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ok, so they succeeded in kickstarting a bunch of great android phones. But if the N1 goes away (soon), where can I get an unlocked phone, without carrier crapware, with free tethering, and stock android so I don't have to wait 10 months for updates? I almost bought an N1 now, but couldn't justify it, but now it sounds like if I want a smartphone later non of these things will be possible. Is it even possible to buy the other Droid phones without plans? 

Guess it's because I spent most of my life living in Europe; but I really don't want locked phones that the carriers have messed with and filled with junk. Don't really like buying phones here in the US. 



I don't think that Google belongs in the phone business if this the Nexus One is the best they could do.  I've had one for a few months now and I have to reboot it at least once a day because of the way the keyboard will quit functioning properly.  The native keyboard is crap.  Swype is a major improvement and I like it; however, it still freezes or it locks in on the symbol function or something else strange happens.

The battery life is atrocious if you're surfing.  If you go out for any extended period of time, you're well advised to turn the wi-fi off so as to prolong the crappy battery life.

I'm sorry to report that the negative things folks have to say about T-Mobile's network seem to be all too true.  Even in the cities the signal can be spotty.

There are a lot of neat applications.  That's a definite plus.  The lack of native synchronization with Outlook or a private PIM is a sore point with me and would preclude me from recommending this phone to the regular business user.  Please don't tell me about having info on Google's servers.  That's alright if it's your personal information.  It's not alright if it's your corporation's information.

I'm hoping that the N8 from Nokia is not as bad as some of the reports I've read.  I moved from the E-71 to the Nexus One primarily for the screen real estate when I found myself trying to use the internet more.  The E-71 was superior in many ways to the Nexus One, though, and I find myself missing it.

The alarm on the Nexus One is an absolute horror, but it will get you out of bed.  Every time it goes off I'm reminded of the old cartoon where the puppy comes and barks at the sleeping cat that starts awake and ends up with his claws stuck in the ceiling.  If you're in need of a solid, $500 alarm clock that can occasionly serve as web device, this may be the phone for you.


Ryan Whitwam

Your comments on functionality are a personal preference thing, so I won't comment. However, I think you might have a defective unit. I carry a Nexus as my primary phone, and it rarely has crashes that require a restart. Certainly never the keyboard, which is much improved in 2.2.



I'm looking forward to giving this phone to one of the kids.



Yes Google will stop selling them online, but HTC will still manufacture them, and retail stores will sell them for quite some time.  The online trial was a success for Google, so they are stopping.  The N1 will be around for a long time seeing how it is the devs phone of choice since you get it unlocked, and running plain Android.  I love mine, and plan to keep it for years.



it is way too short! google WHY!!!

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