Direct2Drive $5 Sale Continues (to be Awesome)



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I am still waiting for age of Leno


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holy crap, i think i avoided all last week because i thought this was the same as GapeTap...


does anyone know: are these downloads required to be launched in a proprietary launcher, like gametap's web interface? or are they simply the game, easy to install once downloaded, easy to move to my laptop or mod / transfer save game files from whatever folder they are stored in to another computer, etc??

basically if this requires a web/proprietary launcher to play, i'm avoiding it...



I picked up Serious Sam last week on the $5 sale. Apparently, they have a download manager (similar to Amazon mp3 downloader), but for some reason it would not work/install on my computer (it probably has something to do with your choice of browser - I was either using Firefox or Chrome). So instead of using D2D download manager, I used the built-in download manager from the browser.

I know that what I downloaded was an executable file. I suspect that even with the download manager, you would download an executable.

After the download - install and play. I did have to activate the game online - I think through D2D servers because I don't think that Serious Sam requires online activation - it is an 8-9 year old game.

When launching the game, it's just like launching any program from your computer. No web/proprietary launcher. Nothing like Steam.

Save games are in ProgramFiles. 



Yep, the download manager downloads an executable just like if you download it w/out the manager w/ firefox.

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WOW, what a novel idea.


Downloading LEGITIMATE software over the Internet.


With prices like this it might even catch on.




Wait... we're supposed to PAY for games??? Since when?? Who thought up THAT crazy idea???



 naaaaa that's crazy talk...downloading softwere indeed! harumph!

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