DigiTimes: AMD Trinity's Desktop Launch Pushed Back to October



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Really interested in building some low-budget APU systems for family members for christmas. I would like to see Trinity released by then. I'm also looking forward to seeing how Vishera does. I don't expect AMD to take the crown, but I am hoping for a closer gap.

And to the previous commenters - AMD is competing with Intel quite nicely. They may have refocused their performance line-up, but when it comes to integrated graphics, Intel is nowhere close. AMD has a leg-up and its pushing out better, cheaper integrated chips.



They do so at terrible costs. Basically, AMD took ATI cores and shoved them in with a die shrunk athlon. True, you'll have better integrated graphics, but at the cost of having a substandard CPU, one that can't face down a lowly i3.

That being said, APU's still are fantastic chips. They work as extremely low-budget solutions to gaming, and at good prices. Quite capable of handling valve games, and can compensate for a substandard CPU with good overclocking, seeing how an A8-3870K is only 110 on Amazon, free ship no tax.



So what if you're grandma can't have the processing power of a Core-i3? Big whoop. Low budget systems are the APU's current target market and its penetrating.


zaphodbeeblebrox 42

never though id do it. but i finally let go of my amd based system and went with intel. must says 5 Ghz on a core i5 2500k is awesome!\

its to bad amd is just giving up.



My sabertooth 990fx is thirsty for a substantial upgrade from the 1090t inside her socket right now.

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