Digital Storm Unveils New Gaming Rig, Touts Superior Vertical Cooling



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Silverstone has a few cases with the motherboard rotated 90 degrees. They are great cases, I have the Raven and the air flow just makes sense. As for the vertical power supply, once it is in it just feels solid, plus you can strap it down.



Yeah, it looks like Digital Storm's just using a mostly-stock Silverstone Fortress FT02. 



Great idea, Digital Storm.  I like the vertical forced convection, it goes parallel with the normal heat flow now. But I wonder, have the components been moved around accordingly to account for the new flow direction?


Columbia University Chemical Engineering


nsk chaos

that vertical mounted psu is giving bad vibs man....



Digital Storm isn't doing anything impressive, Silverstone is, or rather their case that Digital Storm is sticking their name on...

 The case has been around plenty, there are even several iterations of it, it's specifically the Silverstone Fortress series of cases.

Anything Digital Storm has done here you can do yourself better and cheaper on your own... The least they could do is be open about the case being nothing to do with them and more a matter of taking off-the-shelf product and repackaging it as something else.



Well said; you're absolutely right.

P.S. I love my Silverstone case!

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