Digital Storm Sees "Virtue" in Mid-Tower Computer Cases



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If you are not interested in diy systems and you want the best of the best, case and wiring and gear and look I have found it. I am one of those types of guys that overpays heck I have an Alienware m17x and m18x although I needed to bring them overseas so kinda of an excuse. I have been looking for something awesome, better then anything Falcon Northwest offers or Digital storm and the rest although I like these boutiques allot. I found this company which is new in La called Steiger Dynamics they make the Leek, this case is awesome. Build quaility second to none. Check it out I do not work for them but It is at the top of my list now when I move back to states.



I have a Digital Storm Ode V2 it sells at close to 1500 dollars and is worth every penny. The quality of the build is great, cable management is as good as on their high end top dollar PC's



You could have saved several hundred dollars by building a DIY system. That money saved could have gone towards a higher end CPU and graphics card...just saying. I recently built a smaller form factor system for taking to LAN parties (didn't want to tote around my +60lbs main gaming rig anymore). The system cost me $3000, but if I had bought a similarly equipped system through Digital Storm, it would have cost almost $1000 more! Food for thought the next time you need a new system...

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