Digital Storm Redesigns 'Bolt' PC to Strike Quieter and Faster



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I like the upgrades they did to this Bolt however they did not go far enough. There are plenty of complaints in reviews of how ugly having that dvd drive there is. Compared to the Tiki and Maingear potenza I dont know why Digital storm elected to go with that vs no drive or a slot drive on the exterior which looks so much better. Also the pictures I saw of the interior look like you have cables going everywhere and does not look organized at all. What we need to see maximum pc is a review of the potenza, tiki and storm side by side now. I am in the market for one of these vs say another gaming laptop. The Tiki is way overpriced in comparison by around 300 to 500 dollars vs potenza and Bolt. If Digital Storm does a revision R3 and gets rid of the optical drive and cleans up the interior I probably will be sold on it but cant get past that cheap external optical drive, after all we are buying this for looks and I like the Digital Storm logo, the new paint jobs and the external look but that dvd drive ruins what could be awesome, compare it to the Tiki or potenza clean lines. I personally dont care that it is 3.5 inches vs 4, go ahead and widen it to have clean cable management and optical drive improvements



People are accustomed to laptops so an non bulky desktop seems like a great idea. Yea it's expensive and yea you could build something better for the same price bla bla. But to get something that compact with that much punch from a builder with a warrenty seems like a good price to me. Either that or my pricing's outta wack since i bought my macbook pro.

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