Digital Storm Boasts Big Sandy Bridge Overclocks in a Micro ATX Form Factor



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They need a name for the cases that mount the motherboard like that! something like VTX! for people who haven't seen a case like this, its hard to get the point across to them as they think tower when you say vertical, and they think desktop when you say horizontal. until there is a label put on it good luck shopping for a case like this on sites like Newegg without sorting threw 500+ pictures, unless of course you know the exact model you want.



 Intels newest core, the "Sandy Bridge", is going to OWN the entire CPU market for at least the next two years. I just installed one and it is a remarkable chip, inexpensive, low power draw, very efficent, 20% increase in PassMark for the same clock speed, and overclocks like a dream. All the hoopla MPC and other sites have given over the i7-2600K is all true. Get ready for a avalanche of netbooks. laptops, towers, and HTPCs using Sandy Bridge this year. BTW, don't even THINK about buying any other CPU, it's that good.




"$1,132 and includes an Intel Core i3 2100 (3.10GHz), 4GB DDR3-1600 RAM, Asus P8P67-M motherboard, 750W power supply, 1TB 7200RPM hard drive, DVD writer, GeForce GT 220 graphics, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit."

Digital Storm racked up the price big time !!  and its just i3 2100.  Cyberpower / Ibuypower's pricing are so much cheaper when I checked their deal... for about the same price you can get i7 2600k.

I think the big rack-up on the pricing is solely for the computer case.



An i3? Seriously?  Nothing like putting an I4 in an XLR...

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