Digital Photo Frame Suppliers Unfazed by Weak Demand



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I bought a no-name brand one for my mom and it's done cool. Personally, I think if a company can overcome the biggest hurdle to these things, which is updating the pictures. It's kind of a pain to unhang wherever you have the frame, take out the card, and then proceed to pic and choose a variety of pictures. If they could make one that  monitors a specific folder on your pc for pics and streams them or something, that be neat. Or even make a compatible camera that streams to the frame when detected.



A week or two ago I had a brainstorm that I would buy one these for the Mrs for xmas and load it up with pictures of the family for her desk at work. I headed off to newegg and quickly became frustrated by the dozens and dozens of brands, models, and sizes to choose from. Even newegg's trusty user ratings didn't help much because as the article points out, not too many people are buying these things. I didn't have very many reviews to go on. I think the only way I'll buy one now is if I can find a display at a store where I can see the picture quality with my own eyes.

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