Digital Diablo III Downloaders Restricted From Features, Gameplay For Up To Three Days



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I bought the game, hoping to see some serious improvements. Although I don't mind tossing $50 to hack'n'slash in an environment that brought me back the nostalgia of the D2 days, I'm most let down by the lack of replay value and online-only. I still remember excitedly purchasing Elder Scrolls 3 and Grand Theft Auto 3 for $60, both of which were mind-blowing in advancement from their predecessor. I am still playing these games, and the greats that followed them! Sadly, I can't say the same about D3... I'd prefer to reinstall D2 and play anywhere, any time. Perhaps a better title would have been, "Diablo: B-sides"?



Yep. Even though I have a few hundred hours into Skyrim and wore myself out, eventually I will find myself going back. I can't say the same with D3. I made it to 60, what? I started farming for my millions I need for legendary items and couldn't stand more than a few hours at a time. PvP will be something for a short while, but this game really comes up short with replay value. I don't think they ever intended it to have any, they just want their money from buying the title and their cut from the RMAH and call it quits.



I have heard that players have made hundreds to thousands of dollars already. I have not yet reached level 60 which are pretty much the only items you'll sell. I've tried a few things for a buck or two but no sale.

I have the full disc version, but for some reason my account also took several days before my balance was updated on the RMAH.

As far as game play goes, I can see how this gets old fast. Like I said, not 60 yet so haven't touched inferno mode, but exactly what else is left to do once you beat it? They didn't exactly do a good job on shooting for replay value, just money value in terms of how much profit it will make them. These are the types of things that really ruin credibility with me. I used to consider Blizzard a developer with high standards but Diablo 3 says otherwise.


John Pombrio

Folks have to remember that the D3 is "less than zero sum". That means for every dollar someone earns, someone else has to spend at least $1.15. This is called a "Ponzi scheme" where the rich are paid off by the people following them.
Only a few are at the top earning good money. Everyone else is paying for them to be there. Like playing in the major leagues, don't bet your day job.



What a bunch of angry, self-entitled QQ'ers.

I like it most when people come out and act like they know better about how to build a game than a successful 20-year old company does.

They know what they're doing - you don't. You're bottom feeders.



Just Bibler sells more records than people with 200000x the amount of talent. I guess by your logic Justin Bibler is a more talented person Mozart according to last years record sales.




they know how to farm humans, by your logic people should just line up like drones and take it up the rear when ever a corporation with self interests requires you to and if you complain you're just a "bottom feeder QQ'ers" i bet you're one of those people who've had a non stop active WoW account since first year of release.



Cyan was my favorite character in FF3, btw.

I think that if people line up in front of a company called "We're Going To Give It To You Up The Rear", that's what they should expect.

I'll try to explain MY opinion like this:
Halo 4 is coming out soon, and Bungie didn't make it. So you really can't expect H4 to be just like H3, ODST or Reach. But we're going to buy the game with good faith that 343 is going to make a quality product - or fix it if there are issues. When you buy a game, you also buy stock/faith that the company knows what they're doing. No game is ever a "finished product", as long as people are still playing it. There are patches, DLC, etc. Diablo 2's most recent patch was 8 months ago - over 10 years after the game's release. I'm not saying the game is "awesome" or even "good" at this point. I'm saying, give them more than 6 weeks before you start burning buildings. -- just my opinion though.

And no, sorry. I don't play WoW. I have a couple of friends who offer to pay for my subscription, but I decline - just not my cup of tea. But since you brought up WoW, name a game company who has a title that brings in *roughly* $140MM/year from about 10MM subscribers. Sounds to me like a company who knows how to make a game right. WoW was un-play-able for a month or so when it came out too.

In closing, shout out to Nimrod. I'm a fan.



I'm happy I stopped playing after ~ a month. This is not the game I wanted and it's an insult to the Diablo franchise.



I don't use the auction house and I don't plan on it either. I mean, come on. This is JUST a game. You REALLY have to spend REAL money with other players to get the so-called "cool" or "rare" items? Priorities, people. Priorities.

Just say this to yourself multiple times until it sinks in:

"It's JUST a GAME! It's JUST a GAME! It's JUST a GAME!"

Even with ALL the security checks they put in place, somehow my account got hacked and a user started using a bot or some other cheat which resulted in my account being locked out. I didn't know about it until I got back from vacation and got the email. I hadn't played the game in over two weeks.

I contacted support and explained my case, demanding to know exactly when I supposedly "cheated". What I really loved was how the email stated that due to privacy rules, they cannot go into the details of what exactly happened.

Huh? Privacy for who? Them? It's MY account. I paid for the game. I think I have every right to know when my account was compromised and what was supposedly done with my account in detail.

Anyways, at the time, I couldn't log into my account to see anything, but luckily, they unlocked my account. I immediately changed my password and ensured all my security checks were in place and they were.

Once I logged into Diablo III, I noticed an extra character that I never created. I immediately deleted it and checked my actual character and it looked like it wasn't messed with at all.

Still, even with these so-called security checks that Blizzard has put into place, it STILL didn't stop my account from being hacked. At least when I changed my password, I got the mobile text stating this.

Now if they would just get the battlenet authenticator to work with Diablo III like it supposedly does with WoW, then that would be even better. Of course, if my account get's hacked, they can just log into battlenet and disarm it I guess. Luckily, I should get an email that it occurred, but who knows?

I really wish they would just get rid of the online requirement altogether. This is why I don't like this kind of stuff. The single player mode should NOT require me to be logged into a server to play and this is exactly why, because after they locked my account out, I didn't even have access to the single player game.

Really stupid on Blizzards part.



So glad i didnt buy this shit






I have the Starter Edition.

I think it's fun, but not worth $60. I'll buy it if there's ever a price drop.



And my decision not to "buy" this game looks better and better.

Enjoy being screwed by Blizzard over and over again, folks. I'll wait for Torchlight 2 instead.



I have no intentions of using the RMAH. The fun of all Diablo games has been farming for loot, not buying loot, at least for me.

I enjoy the game, but yes sometimes it is ridiculously challenging. It was funny when people claimed Diablo 2 vs monster gameplay sucked because it was too easy..can't have it both ways.



The real money auction house ruined the game. The only point of playing Diablo is for the loot drops. Loot drops in D3 are terrible because they want people to craft and sell, so they can take a percentage of the cut. What Blizzard has done is create a financial product - not a good game - that allows them to enslave a bunch of fools.



RMAH = Blizzard farming players lol. Sick of the nonsense? Be heard, and not part of the herd:



i completely agree man, me and my friend discussed the same thing. The loot farming in d3 is very boring compared to d2. Now i understand why they made act2 Inferno almost impossible to pass, if you go too far in the game then the thirst for the best gear real money can buy wouldnt be as strong. Didnt blizzard not set records with sales? do they really needed to sink down to this level? one thing is for sure is that i'll never buy another blizzard game. way to go blizz.... you've just lost one out of millions of customers.



I'm normally one to call out companies for screwing customers to make money, but I couldn't disagree with you two more. I'm only in Hell on my account because I refused to buy until I found a Collector's Edition at retail (finally did) but I played through most of Inferno on a friend's account. It's hard because it's supposed to be hard. If you want easy, play Normal or Nightmare. The whole idea is to wait for the next awesome drop. If it came too easily there'd be no point in playing. Crafting gives you a chance to fill in gaps if the drops don't come for you.

If there wasn't an auction house or crafting people would complain that there's no way to get drops that won't come. If there wasn't an always on requirement people would complain that items are being duped and ruining the game. If there was no real money AH people would complain that Blizzard doesn't do anything when they get scammed buying items for real money on craig's list, ebay and forums.

Do they take a cut? Sure. They deserve it. They're providing a service. It may be a little high, but it will never effect you if you don't sell items. Do you complain when eBay takes a cut?

I still wish there was a separate single player that didn't require always on and couldn't access the AH. Because maybe I'd like to play Diablo on a cross country WiFiless flight. At home, my internet is always on anyway. So is yours I bet. I guess it may suck for folks who live in Bumblefuck, Nowhere. But that's life. We don't always win.

Blizzard had a 30-Day money back guarantee. If you bought the game you could have returned it. If you didn't stop whining.



Your post is so fucking retarded. You act as tho the entire point wasnt to take a cut in the first place. They STARTED the idea with "taking a cut" and then built a system around it you fucking idiot.

What about when the Blizzard servers fuck up? Huh? You got an explanation for that one? Or the very point of this entire article your posting on?

And yes i do complain when Ebay takes a cut now along with all the other bull shit they started doing when Fuck Face took over there. And i complain with PayPal REQUIRED me to keep my money in their account for 3 days JUST SO THAT THEY CAN COLLECT INTEREST ON IT.

I bet youve given a lot of money to Nigerian Princess to havent you? Fucking dolt.

Your the exact kind of fucking moron who goes to Best Buy to pay some one to help you log into your email account after you accidentally uninstall your MSN arnt you?



Screw Blizzard, if I wanted am MMO I would have purchased one. They have to have control of everything. Well, let them have it I am not buying another one of their products.



I wish it was that simple... apparently there is a big issue with the auction house.. everyone that buys something is getting banned due to it. I am not touching it with a 10ft pole.



You can either design a great game and make lots of profit on it, or you can decide how much profit you feel you "need" to make, then try to force the game design into that stock certificate-shaped box. Guess which approach Blizzard used for Diablo III?

RIP Blizzard. I watched EA follow this same path, from premier game publisher (that was in the 80s and early 90s, by the way) to a corporatized haven for greedy suits with useless MBAs and room-temperature IQs. Sad, really.

But hey! You can now flip over dining room tables in WoW! That's good, right?



I am not using the auction house and have no intention to do so. I guess if one wanted to all you have to do is buy your way into a winning character assuming you want to pay but where is the challenge in that?



I was lucky enough to find a fix for this problem within an hour.

Change your password.

Your free to change it back, but you have to just change it.

When you do that it will refresh the status of the game.

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