Did Opera Just Reinvent the Web?



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This is kinda like bundling a loaf of bread with a bread maker.  The two are related, but serve different purposes.  These should be different products, not a browser add-on.



So does this mean that people will now give a crap about Opera? Doubtful.


Firefox users are not going to migrate and firefox will just release some app the does anything this can do. Chrome users wont give up the speed or lack of chrome for frills and apps because it defeats the point of what chrome is and what folks like about it.  And all the various IE users are too stupid to know what this is and besides, most of those folks dont even realize that other browsers exist.


Opera wont be the one who gets to coin the term web 3.0 



I think Unite will find a place for items that people don't desire to permanently serve. For example, I am working on a design mockup. As I save it locally, my team or manager could take a peak at the iterations without me having to upload/manage/tell them about every version. When I want access to go away, I simply quit Opera or turn the service off.

It may take off, as other web browsers can access Unite services (just not serve it). Only the originator needs Opera.



In concept.  Which means that it will be hoovered up by Firefox in no time, and by IE a couple of years from now, once Microsoft gives up on trying to monetize the idea.



There probably are addons which do similar tasks. Even if not, this type of setup is pretty easy to impliment on your own, BUT having it installed and seamlessly working, by default, in a browser is pretty neat. It also makes it easier to recommend to friends who can take advantage of all the features, but lack the technical juice to install and work with addons. Plus, with addons, you may have to start over if the addon goes away or development is stopped. 




 that's how long before someone ports the Unite SDK to Firefox.


That's my prediction.

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