Did Nokia Just Hint at a Windows Tablet?



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@Holly Golightly
Considering the minimum resolution requirement for Win8 is 1366X768 that would mean that a 7 inch tablet would be around 224PI. That would be a nice screen with tiny pixels (not great for people with bad eyesight though). I would rather have a 10 or 11 inch tablet but I can see a 7 inch being quite nice for some people who care more about portability.


Holly Golightly

Many people seem to be fine with their 4" cellphones. I do not see why a 7" tablet would be a problem. A 10" tablet brings forth better movie experience, but I can not use a 10" tablet with one hand like I can do with a 7" tablet. Easier to store in my purse too. Remember, smaller pixels does not always mean smaller font. They can enlarge it via software. The smaller the pixels, the smaller the imperfections. Sometimes, good things come in small packages.


Holly Golightly

Wow, I would love to have a Lumia tablet. I do not know if I will get one, but I just love the design of the Lumia, and would like to see a 7" tablet with this very design on Windows 8.

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