Diamond Releases New USB Powered External Display Adapters



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I wish there was benchmarks for this device, obviously not for gaming but for playing videos. I really can't see this working too well with USB2 which realistically transfers 25MB a sec on average. If it did thought, I think it would be an efficient way for running an htpc.



We've been using these @ work:

They've been working out OK for us. Sometimes the drivers cause bluescreens when trying to load for the first time under Win 7. Fortunately, Win 8 recognizes them w/out having to load additional drivers alleviating this problem.

Video isn't too bad (netflix, you tube etc.) but there's definite lag. When you grab a window and move it around it's noticeable compared to those monitors connected right into a laptop or docking station..

It works great for something like email. I'll leave Outlook open on my "USB" monitor, while I do my main work on the other two monitors which are plugged into my dock (DVI and Displayport)

I'll be interested to know if the Diamond brand devices work better than the eVGA ones with regard to the little bit of video lag and/or the periodic driver install issue.


The Mac

I also wouldnt think 0.6A would be enough to drive much of anything.

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