Diablo III Being Sold As "Big Pineapple 3" In China To Bypass Sales Ban



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I'm confused, I thought pineapple was "feng li"... so, can anyone enlighten me? please?



Only Taiwan uses "feng li" for pineapple. Everywhere else use "Bo Luo" and they nicknamed Diablo himself as "Da Bo Luo" all the way since the first game.



Just came by to say thanks for including the tone indicators on the word dà bōluó, Brad. I appreciate the added effort.



even if they do catch on to the "big pineapple 3" they will just start calling it the "great pumpkin".



Maybe Blizzard should hire the Chinese to maintain their authentication server.



We should not be catering to such countries or states.



Companies don't care. They're all about $$$. I'm not saying they don't have some ethics, but they're going to ship products to any country that will buy them.



So what happens to the customer who actually wanted to buy a big pineapple?

Blizzard may have servers in China. They certainly must have WOW servers in China, since WOW is so popular here. Worse case, they'll have to use servers in Hong Kong or Taiwan (I had to do that to play TF 2).

vrmlbasic, there are legits, but most people given the opportunity will buy bootlegs. But games with restrictive DRMS or games such as WOW, will be purchased.



I thought only bootlegs of games were sold in Chinese stores. So the government has to approve a game before pirated copies of it can be sold?

Maybe I thought wrong, but maybe not as China has done some pretty screwy things.

More importantly, how were these game stores able to sell "Big Pineapple 3" without similar restriction? Was a game of the same title already approved? Do only non-Chinese games have to be approved?



ouch... 1/6 of the world population blocked out. i feel for you, waiting chinese man!



I believe this is a non issue, while it would effectively take the multiplayer offline (Except for some creative few who can get by those pesky IP firewalls)

The single player would be rather easy to play without server connection.

I seem to remember rather easily creating an artificial server that ran in the background on my computer to fool Assasins Creed 2 into thinking it was connected when I bootlegged it years ago.

Its not hard to get around, which is why I laugh when they require connections to play their games. They are one of the easier work arounds I've seen.

Just sayin....

*I do not approve of any illegal infringments on intellectual properites. But I do approve of the slaying of interwebz dragons by any and all means neccisary.*



Put your money where your mouth is.

I suspect that D3 has a lot more in common with WoW than AC2 - you're going to need to replicate their databases by means of packet sniffing before you can do anything meaningful offline. But beyond that, you're blatantly lying about "creating an artificial server" for AC2. I have some knowledge of the methods UBI used to secure that game, and there's no way that you could defeat them without having access to a legitimate copy for study.



Unless Blizzard has servers in China it wouldn't be hard for China to clamp down the firewall and effectively kill Diablo III for good. Not sure how good any potential cracks are against this, but if it is true that it is more server - client than local install, it would kill it.

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