Diablo 3 Confirmed - Express Elevator To Hell, Going Down!



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Julia Meth

I am confused because 2 champs have different views on this game. I like this game but after reading the two different reviews from you guys I am getting confused. UK Dissertation Advice



And here I thought Hellgate London was supposed to be the new Diablo III. But since it takes place only 20 years in the future... well that makes sense. Hopefully it WON'T be Online ONLY like HGL. One of the things that made Diablo II so much fun is the mini-LANs of 8 people we could have. With HGL, you might as well not leave the house.

But, I do hope they take some of the HGL ideas like shared stash, better graphics and First Person views (for shooting) and put them to good use.



"Hopefully it WON'T be Online ONLY like HGL"

#1: Hellgate had a singleplayer mode.

#2: Blizzard has already confirmed single and multiplayer modes for Diablo 3.

"I do hope they take some of the HGL ideas like shared stash, better graphics and First Person views (for shooting) and put them to good use."

They are borrowing the concept of "the loot you see is yours," so no more frantic clicking on the ground whenever a boss pops.  Better graphics are in the eyes of the beholder, but I definitely think the graphics of Diablo 3 are a remarkable upgrade to what you see in its predecessor.  First-person views?  Um.  No.  Notgonnahappen.  That's not Diablo.  :D



OMG....D3....I have been waiting years!!!!!!!



i cant wait for D3 ive been i long running fan of the diablo series and i was geting kinda tired of beating D2 over and over again



Terrible proof read on the editor's part. "all so" is used twice in place of "also" as well as the line "the new engine will all so will support". Eek I expected more of McPC. As for the game, I'm luke warm after "Hellgate" which was touted as the "Diabloe 3".



I'll take "Games Will can't wait to play for $1000, please Alex"


Lawrence Chang

I hope system req won't be that steep. I'm hope its something that can be played with a DX9 card.



actually, blizzard has said that D3 won't require a DX10 card, so your old DX9 deal should be acceptable.



You can be almost 100% sure you'd get it to work with any Nvidia 7 series or higher. I don't have any insder knowledge but Blizzard wants to get it's game in front of as many people as possible. It does this by keeping it's system requirements low.



Looks cool, will give me time to upgrade my rig!

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