DFI Hybrid Motherboard Runs Two Systems at Once



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would this mean I'd have to buy two licence copies of an OS to install it on this rig?


nsk chaos

Whoa! that is pretty n-tense imho wonder how much it would cost...

and ty for the vid. it clarified things for me a lot XD 



This is a killer buy.  From a "poor college student" perspective, you can certainly save electricity this way.  Power's there only when you need it.  You can also remove the distraction of work documents from the gaming machine :D



The thing that amazes me is that it switches on the fly with a flip of a button.  You wont have to shutdown one machine and then boot the other.  I wonder if you would be able to put each computer on a different screen?



Hell yes I would buy this!  I tried years ago to craft a single computer case that could hold two motherboards and the the switching equipment for them.  It was a disaster.  But I love the idea of a low-power system I can leave on all the time running bittorrent or a small server, and a high power system I only have on when I'm around.  This would be perfect.



My guess is that this system has been in the design phase for a while now. To scrap all the p45 components and switch to p55 or x58 would have taken more time. Why not go ahead and release the model you have been working on for god knows how long now, with the p55/x58 following shortly behind. Not that I could prove that as their reasoning, but it would make sense :)


P.S.- grr, wrong button. This was supposed to be a reply to springfield below :)



I am intrigued by the possibillities.  Only two problems.  Why not the dual core Atom 330?  Why, for the love of the digital gods, would anyone build a new machine on Core 2 with Nehalem so cheap now?!? 

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