Developer: Android More Profitable than iOS



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I have to say that it doesn't matter how many apps are in Android or iOS store its the quality of apps that count. Every popular app that people have acknowleged with there money are on both platforms. Really I think there should be less apps for both stores and apps should be killed that don't do well. Who needs an app that makes a fart noise with 10 other copies of the same fart noise app? There are websites dedicated to finding and advertising good apps to weed out all the other crappy apps. If Google pulled quality applications like google maps, youtube, and its google search from Apple it would totally kill iOS. Both companies appreciate eachother in a small way. Google apprieciates Apples marketing (so do every other computer company) to make technology popular and Apple...well Apple really is the loser actually. Well maybe Apple gets to think they have "superior products." 



Maybe someone at MaximumPC could (if they haven't already) do an analysis of app sales at Apple & Android to determine just how many of the top selling apps account for 90-95% of the downloads, or of all the downloads, what percentage does the top 100 (or 1,000) make up. I imagine the numbers would be very interesting.



I sometimes wonder if this is just blind Apple bashing or somebody actually believes these stories are good news.

Did anyone read the part, "This led us to stop advertising on Apple and throw all of our marketing dollars onto Android," Gattis says. "It really just makes sense from a financial point of view."?

More marketing dollars equals more ads. How is more ads a good thing? In my daily life, I try my best to avoid clicking on ads. It's pretty hard. They're everywhere. This guys says he wants to put MORE ADS on Android! How is this good news?

Great, everyone wants to be better than Apple. The Android community will puff their chest out, proudly saying, "We're getting more interest from developers," when the only reason developers are interested is because it's a better place to stuff ads.

This is like saying you're the most popular person because you get 100 phone calls every day... from telemarketers.



Not sure who needs 250,000 or even 360,000 apps on any device but I do like the openess of the Adroid OS compared to the iOS who even with the courts demand to be more open still feels like a tug of war with them. I also like that the devices made for the Android OS are more open to extra hardware options such as MicroSD cards and even avoiding iTunes all together.

Yea, iPhone and iOS had it's 15 minutes but now it's time for the new kids on the block to have their say.

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