Deus Ex 3 to be The First “Joint Effort” Between Eidos and Square Enix



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I LOVED Deus Ex, it was such a great game. The second was like ordering another burger (after the first was so tasty) and finding a turd inside.....

Please, please, please! Don't screw this up.




Great. Let me guess, there will also be quick time events.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



If I had any illusions that they planned to make it more like the first Deus Ex than the second (which wasn't BAD, just wasn't great) I would be excited. The first Deus Ex, in my opinion, was the greatest video game ever made. No exaggeration, I loved every second I played it. I still have my CD and have played that game so many times, though not in a bunch of years.

This one will be made for a console and MAYBE ported to the PC. IF it is, it will be a bad port with consolitis and will do no justice to the greatness that was the first game.



Can't agree more . Of course PC will get console port .

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