Destroy Your Mouse for Shot at a Free Razer Mamba



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If only I knew about this competition earlier...

We built a trebuchet that could launch small rocks (around the size of a fist) for about 75m-100m. Then got a metal bucket and used petrol to set things on fire, and launched them...

Or, when I went up in the hercules open back military plane, I could of chucked it into the sea from 10,000ft. Damn.

Or launched it from the local clay-pigeon launcher, and shot it with a shotgun. Maybe set it on fire too....

Either way I like the idea of strapping it to a big firework... may do that for fun.



I'm sure there will be people who will destroy perfectly good mice, in which case Razer promoting waste production.  Im glad I never bought one of their mice, what with the  "omg teh razers are for uber 1337 gamerz" marketing.

Logitech's high end mice are a lot better made than Razer's anyhow, probably in part because they don't need to markup prices to make up for idiotic advertising costs.



I'm a gunsmith so I'm trying to decide between running through it with milling machine or putting a .45 caliber bullet through it.



I could call in a favor and have a mouse put on one of the targets at a bombing range in Nevada, geting the BDA video before the deadline would be the problem.


Keith E. Whisman

Who cares about the stupid give away that would just be cool.... We ought to just do things like this for the fun of it. Like all those years ago David Letterman would run stuff over with a steam roller and would end the segment by running over his microphone.. LOL.. And don't forget the entertainment that Gallagher provided by smashing things with his Sledge-O-Matic.... LOL... that was great. I remember smashing things usually my brothers and sitsters things with a steel hammer from out of dads tool box.. Those were the days. My biggest thing was smashing things that were in operation. 


Keith E. Whisman

I've turned into a fan of Will it Blend and the whole Microwave it videos on youtube and I imagine alot mice are going to meet their end in that fashion. Since I have access to the City Bus I should take an old mouse with me to work and a digi cam and run a mouse over with a City of Phoenix Public Transit Bus or go to the Light Rail yard and put one on a track and have a light rail train run one over. There's plenty of fun ways to kill old hardware that I'll only think about and never really do.. God it's terrible being lazy and not really in need of a new mouse.

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